Small Business

Small businesses across North Carolina are calling BMP Print Solutions (BMP) to reduce costs and improve usage of their printer fleets. It's hard for most small corporations to accurately track and manage their printers and multifunction printers. BMP manages the printer fleets of these companies so they can focus on running their businesses.

Small Business Case Study
Crescent Ford turned to BMP to reduce their monthly costs and streamline their printing operations with their Managed Print Services program.

They faced the following challenges:

  • Inability to track or manage printing costs.
  • Mixture of machines, contracts, and vendors.
  • Paying a premium price for service and repairs.
  • Lost work time due to printer/copier out of toner.

To find savings and improve printing output, BMP completed the savings analysis.

  1. Took inventory of all printers
  2. Plotted the locations of each printer
  3. Designed a document-output model to reallocate machines according to output and usage needs for each area
  4. Prepared a comprehensive document that explained opportunities for savings.

BMP is managing their printer fleet so Crescent Ford can focus on its business. They no longer need to worry about repairs or running out of toner. Plus, they have cut their monthly costs by 66%!

To determine what our Managed Print Services can do for your small business, call BMP at (866) 321-9267 to schedule your FREE solutions analysis.