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I would say using Flowfinity Actions saves me about two hours per day by not having to key everything in to a computer at the end of a day. I am so much more organized with this solution that I can now complete more audits. Also, if I see that we are out of a product on the shelf, I can report it then and there.

David Mitchell, Retail Business Manager, Heinz

Document Management

The statistics on data storage and retrieval explain why many hours are wasted in the office. A Reuters Study reported that employees spend up to 50% of their time searching for data. Another study found that it takes $20 to file a document, $120 to find a misplaced document and $220 to reproduce a lost document.

Through their strategic partnership with Intellinetics™, BMP Print Solutions (BMP) helps companies across North Carolina improve productivity and workflows through the smart management of data.

IntelliCloud provides immediate access to your data.

IntelliCloud™ changes the way businesses compete by offering them immediate access to all of their corporate information securely, at their desktop, or via the web. IntelliCloud’s powerful document distribution features can extend to your client base, business partners, and others who rely on information.

IntelliCloud is a perfect fit for organizations that:

• Manage a high volume of documents.

• Do business in a compliance or regulatory driven environment.

• Want to improve customer service levels.

• Waste time and money tracking down lost or misfiled documents.

• Have a need for document security on a “need-to-know”, “right-to-know” basis.

• Need to locate information in multiple locations.

BMP partnered with Flowfinty so companies can build mobile solutions with a flexible, programming-free software platform. This provide campnies with the ability to securely capture client information. Mobile data capture is ideal for the following industries: pest control, inspections, utilities, manufacturing, distributors, home renovations, construction and HVAC.

BMP offers mobile data capture through their strategic partnership with Flowfinity.

Your company can enjoy a wide range of benefits from the smart handling of your business documents. Click on the PDF's below for more details.

Call BMP at (866) 321-9267 to learn how your company can benefit from cloud computing and mobile data capture.

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