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BMP Changing the Way the Triad Prints

A Triad company - BMP Print Solutions (BMP) - is one of the nation's leaders in penny-per-page printing.

"No one in this area has the experience or resources to provide penny-per-page printing," said BMP President Dan Tucker. "BMP provides convenient print solutions with seamless integration."

Companies are saving up to 40% with this new print program. It costs just $.01 per page printed. This price includes the equipment, toner, parts, and labor.

"Because there are no up-front costs, our clients see substantial savings in the first month," said Tucker. "We eliminate purchasing and save IT time. No more toner to buy. No more repairs to deal with."

Penny-per-page printing from BMP is different from programs offered by copier companies. Companies don't have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment for the privilege to pay per page. BMP charges only $.01 per page printed.

Local companies are saving time and money with BMP Print Solutions. Clients include Crescent Ford, Remington Arms, The Education Center, and Viking Polymers.

"We turned to BMP to reduce costs and eliminate some of the headaches associated with trying to stock expensive cartridges for a number of different printers," said Dianna Harrison, IT/HR Manager of Viking Polymers.

"Since implementation, we have been able to trim printing costs annually, even with additional people, machines, and volume," she said. "We've seen that it saves a good bit of time for our administrative staff also."

Clients focus on their businesses while BMP manages their printer fleets.

"BMP provides us with outstanding service," said Remington Arms IT Manager Joe Battleson. "We never have a problem getting our printers up and going once we make the call."

Penny-per-page printing also increases productivity by placing printers where they're needed. Studies have shown that centralized printers add up to two cents for each page printed.

"We're changing the way the Triad prints, one page at a time," said Tucker.

About BMP Print Solutions
BMP was established in 1995 to provide a reliable source for remanufactured toner products and superior service of business machines (fax, copier, printers, etc.) As a leader in print management services, BMP uses technology to manage a company's documents for significant cost savings. Penny-per-page printing is now available. Companies pay just a penny per page printed—with no hidden costs. This price includes the equipment, toner, parts, and labor. BMP also supports the community through its extensive recycling program.

BMP Changing the Way the Triad Prints